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What people are saying about Crossroads Guitar Academy...

I first took guitar lessons 30 years ago and stopped soon after, as all I wanted to do was play Jimi Hendrix but my teacher did not approve. I managed to teach myself to a decent level where I began playing in bands and felt confident as a guitarist and then carried on like that for nearly 3 decades.  Then I started hearing good things about CGA but was immediately reminded of my previous encounter with a guitar teacher and dismissed any further thoughts.  But the buzz that was emanating from CGA and its students was too much for me to resist and I eventually booked in. The first lesson left me feeling shocked at the level of knowledge and ability that H displayed but more important was his infectious passion for the guitar and for teaching. You want a teacher who can do more just talk about want someone to be able to perform it faultlessly and then teach you how to do the same.  My second lesson couldn't come quick enough and it involved deconstructing Hendrix's "Little Wing", where H explained the components and their relevance and then slowly rebuilt them one phrase at a time so that they flowed into each other seamlessly.  His patience, continual encouragement, a keen eye for detail and his relaxed approach to teaching along with a great sense of humour results in what is in my opinion, the best musical decision I have ever made and my playing has transformed beyond anything I ever imagined.  

Thank you H.        Des - Lead Guitar 


When I joined CGA, I already knew a few chords and was keen on joining a band at the earliest opportunity.  H quickly showed me how my limited chords when used in combination with the musical alphabet, suddenly gave me access to over 100 chords. H has a knack of making music theory become your 2nd best friend (1st one being your guitar!) and instilling confidence into you from the outset.  Within 6 months, I'd formed a band and H supported us all as a mentor and helped arrange our initial gigs.  I will remain forever grateful for his teachings and since emigrating to Australia, I have established myself as a professional musician and it is all due to H @ CGA.

Thanks a million!        Matt - Lead Guitar 

If you want to learn Delta Blues slide guitar then stop what you are doing and book into CGA.  H is the real deal!         Josh - Slide Guitar

Having lessons with H transformed me in so many ways.  Within a year I had gone from beginner to successfully passing my Grade 5 exam.  I still struggle to comprehend how H can hear a solo once, and can then perform an amazing first take of it immediately.  His ability to convince you that you can become the best guitarist that you can be is phenomenal and when he says "if you meet me half way, I'll go the extra mile" he truly means it...and you believe it.        Rebecca - Lead Guitar 


I needed to pass my Grade 8 in order to gain entry to MIT and H was the guy who continually pushed and encourage​d me.  I gained a distinction and whilst studying at MIT, I continued my studies at CGA during holidays.  I passed with Honors and am now a full time guitarist.  I would not be where I am if it wasn't for H - one of my guitar heroes!        Jay - Lead Guitar


Lessons from H were some of the best times I have ever spent trying to learn something.  I enjoyed every second and a 90 minute lesson was never long enough. I learnt so much and have developed my own sound, which prior to going CGA, I had wasted years trying to borrow everybody else's. H makes the hardest techniques appear effortless and with his unique approach to teaching, you learn quickly and effectively.  He is a first class guitarist and bloke.      Gerrard - Bass Guitar 

Meeting H was one of the best guitar moments of my life. I found someone who equalled if not surpassed my passion for Blues guitar and he quickly and easily showed me the authentic way to play Slide guitar.  His knowledge of the Blues is encyclopaedic and his commitment to teaching shows in the way he is held in high esteem by his peers and his students.        Steve - Resonator Guitar

Harold...You shake em on down good.        David Honeyboy Edwards - Last of the great Mississippi Delta Bluesmen

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