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From the very first lesson taught by CGA, the emphasis has always been to deliver tuition that challenges, develops and supports the student to become the best guitarist they can be in a relaxed environment and endeavours to make every lesson fun.


Students are encouraged to contribute to the lesson content as opposed to being told what to learn whilst still following a tried and tested formula of achieving results quickly.

CGA offers a variety of tuition environments...

UK / European Lessons available between 17:00 - 21:00 hrs Monday - Friday and 09:00 - 12:00 hrs Saturday. International students, enquire here.

Each lesson can consist of structured tuition for beginner through to advanced level, instruction on specific techniques and genres, music theory, "in the style of" coaching, improvisation and custom transcriptions of student specified pieces. 

So, if you are wanting to fulfil a dream of learning to play the guitar, looking for that next musical stepping stone or wanting to revisit the guitar with a fresh positive outlook, then complete the Tuition enquiry form and let us help you become the guitarist you aspire to will not regret it.

Location     Duration                  Student            Fee


Online           30 minute lesson           Individual              £15.00  /  €18  /  $20

Online           60 minute lesson           Individual              £20.00  /  €23  /  $25

Online           90 minute lesson           Individual              £25.00  /  €28  /  $30

Classroom     30 minute lesson           Individual              £15.00  

Classroom     60 minute lesson           Individual              £20.00  

Classroom     90 minute lesson           Individual              £25.00  

* Group lessons (max. 3 students) available on 60 and 90 minute lessons at additional 25% charge

** Home tuition available on a limited basis - enquire here for further details

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